Friday, December 18, 2009


Hello friends! Man have I been a slacker on blogging. I LOVE to read blogs. I don't know how some of my favorite bloggies have time to post three times a day! I wish I could do that. I guess that's why they're "famous" in the blog world. I promised myself I wouldn't read any blogs until I posted something! Sometimes I don't think I have anything to post but now that I think about it I do!

In TTC news the hubby and I gave it are all this last week! According to my lovely fertility software from Taking Charge of Your Fertility we BDed 3 out of my 5 fertile days including the day of estimated ovulation. So now, we wait. I'll be 10dpo on Christmas Eve. I've never been one to test early. I always just wait until AF shows up. The only time I've tested was when I wasn't charting and was "late". Guess I just O's late that time. I am considering testing Christmas Eve morning. Wouldn't it be awesome to wrap up a positive pregnancy test for my husband?! I also got an appointment at the fertility clinic. It's not until January 18th so I'm glad I didn't wait any longer. I am just hoping and praying I have to cancel it.

In fitness news I swam 44 laps, which is 1.2 miles, also the distance of a 1/2 ironman swim all before 7am this morning! It took me about 50minutes. I felt pretty darn good about myself! I haven't been running much. About two weeks ago we got hit with 17inches of snow that pretty much ended my outdoor running. I also work out early in the morning and don't feel comfortable running in the dark. I've done a few treadmill runs but when faced with the choice of running on a treadmill or swimming I'll pick swimming I guess.  I do really want to keep my running up over the winter. It's such a pain to try an rebuild in the spring. We'll see. As for right now I'm just listening to my body and doing what feels right.

Looking back on this past year, even though I think I should feel sad that we didn't get pregnant I truly feel blessed. My immediate family might be a bit dysfunctional but I have an awesome husband and a wonderful group of friends. My job might not always be the best but at least it's a job and sometimes I do get a glimpse of the difference I'm making. Life is good. I'm happy and healthy and trying to live each day to it's fullest, even if that means getting to put my jammy pants on at 5:30pm and chilling with my husband and dog.

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Lindsay said...

I would totally test early if I was you!! :-)