Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winding Down

Well, today is December 17th. I remember about 4 months ago I looked ahead to this date in my calender and thought, "Wow! By December 17th it will all be over." In a way it seemed kind of like a far off date. And here it is. I remember back in August the look my my calender filling up made my stomach turn but I sucked it up, put my best foot forward and here we are. It went so fast! I seem to recall in the past years second semester went fast I can only imagine. I have one more youth ministry event tonight and then it's free and easy for two weeks. In fact I'm already starting to get bored at the office.
I don't have anything real insightful to contemplate. Just the fact that attitude has a lot to do with how life goes. I didn't come home crying once this semester (my first year I cried about once a month, last year about once every two months). Could I have really changed my attitude that much?
On another topic, I honestly thought that I'd be sprouting a baby belly right about now. I had hoped to be three or four months pregnant but I'm not. I don't know how I feel about this. It is a little frustrating. Things won't time out "perfectly" in my mind. I just keep telling myself this too is God's plan, not mine.
So yeah, that's all I've got today!


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Congrats on a great semester! And I agree... attitude is evrything!