Sunday, December 21, 2008


So, last night I went to our 5pm Mass. I walked, with my snow pants on through the mounds of snow just as the day was beginning to turn to night. For the first time in four months I was just going to Mass. I didn't have to anything, greet people, make announcements, nothing. I was just another member of the parish (well I guess that's not entirely true). The warmth of the sanctuary welcomed me and I felt truly happy. The Gospel reading was that of the Annunciation. Father spoke about Mary's call to be the mother of Jesus and how we all have a call in life. When the angel said, "Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with you." It's important to remember that even when our call is challenging "the Lord is with us." I began thinking about my own call to ministry. About the times I struggled and doubted but knew that God was with me. I felt like I had truly accepted this call and felt good about where I was.
After the Mass was over I was chatting with out music minister. Father called all those remaining in the church to help him with something. A man from our parish was recently diagnosed with cancer of the spinal cord. I do not know this man very well. I know that he is young, has a wife and two young sons. Father asked us if we would be part of this man's anointing as he was going to have surgery on Tuesday. As I stood with the other parish members around this man and listened to Father pray as his wife stood behind him with tears in her eyes. I realized, I am called to this too. I am called to be a part of the joys, sorrows, challenges and victories that the members of this parish experience. And this, is a very wonderful thing.


Kimbrel said...

Wow! Cool.
I often wonder what it would be like to "just be a member" and daydream about going to church and volunteering, etc.

Kristin said...

It was great...of course I can never be "just a memeber" I had people asking me questions about youth ministry etc.!