Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Before things get too crazy!

Before my day gets crazy I thought I would take a little time to reflect, it’s been awhile I know. Things have really picked up around here, which is a good thing. I am getting a little more energy and excitement back for my job ministry. I had a few days of darkness where I brooded over the crazy time commitment that this entails but I got a stern talking to from my husband who works ten hours a day, every day! If anything I’ve learned a lot about myself. I am someone who thrives on contact, personal relationship and creativity. I need to look at opportunities to use these skills and desires in my work because that is where I will shine, it is also probably also where God truly wants me, and I will be using the gifts that he has given me.
I’ve been having meeting with the priest and my other bosses over the details of the upcoming year, all seems well, slightly overwhelming at times BUT my homework from my spiritual director was to just take one day, one moment, one event at a time.
I was also thinking about my years in teaching. Even though I wasn’t in the same school for three years I essentially taught for three years. My third year was one of the best. I’m not sure if it was because I finally got in the groove of teaching, or if it was because I was working with some really great (read fun!) people, or if it was because I knew at the end of it I would be married and living back in my home town with my beloved and my family. Well, here I am heading into my third year. I’m still working with the same folks but that’s okay. I feel like I am finally in the grove of how things work around here, and maybe at the end of it all my life will change again and be graced with a new addition to our family and a new role for me as a mother. So that is where I am at. At the beginning of it all, and hopeful that I will be successful in this endeavor.

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