Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More positive

Another quiet day here on the work front. Don’t worry I’m not complaining. In face I realized that a lot of my posts are kind of whiny and full of complaints. I actually did my scripture reflection today. It was from Matthew, where Jesus is describing the Kingdom of Heaven and comparing it to a person who finds a treasure, a pearl, etc. The reflection asked us to remember a time when we fell and how that felt. Then it reminded us that Jesus loves us even more than that! It also gave some practical suggestions on how we can remember this great love that Jesus has for us. If we begin our day, giving it to Him, asking him to be a part of all we do, our joys, our challenges and giving ourselves up to His will. Then in the evening we can reflect on the parts of our day when we felt Christ’s presence and where we followed his will. We can also ask for forgiveness for the times when we went against his will. This is something I tell my young people to do all the time. Maybe it’s time to practice what I preach. I decided that if I am to post something I should at least have on positive thing in my post.
Today when I was home for lunch making a delicious lunch of grilled summer squash, and chicken salad wrap I thought about how grateful I am that I have a job that allows me to go home almost every day and make my lunch. I am reminded of the times when I was a teacher and only had 20 minutes scheduled for lunch, which meant by the time you got down there you only 15 minutes and forget savoring your lunch if it needed to be heated up. No, I guess I don’t miss the endless days of turkey sandwiches, carrots, and an apple scarfed down in a cafeteria filled with yelling kids. I also got some more registrations for Youth Ministry in today. Not only did I get 2 11th graders I also got 3 Catholic school kids! Not whether or not they show up I won’t know but their parents did pay the fee so we shall see! This is my last three day week so tomorrow is my Friday yeah! I’m actually taking next Friday off because my sister-in-law and family will be here from far away. So yeah, it’s still summer!

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