Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I want to glow in the darkness

So I was thinking about Christmas and how the secular world celebrates and why. I bet a lot of people don't know why we put up Christmas lights inside and outside our home. It comes from the fact that as we approach Christmas we approach the winter soltice, the shortest day of the year. The days are shorter and I'm sure many of us wake up and return from our work in the dark. I loved having my Christmas light up. I loved that warm glow they gave off. Many times the tree lights were the only ones we kept on during these long winter nights. But now the Christmas season is over and I am sure, like most folks, the Christmas lights are down and the tree is sitting by the curb. But guess what? It's still dark out! I wake up long before the sun comes up and as I return home the shadows have already fallen across my home. Why do we take the lights down? Or for that matter why do we stop celebrating the TRUE meaning of Christmas, God being made human for us! As I was thinking about this I thought about how I personally want to handle this. First of all, I want to be more aware of how I am a light in the darkness in all I do. I never want to forget that Christ resides in me and I reflect that light. I also want to recognize the light in others. Winter can be long here in the Midwest what better way to get through it.

I am back at work full force today. Youth Ministry starts up tomorrow and I am going in interview my Confirmation candidates. For the first time since coming to this job I was actually looking forward to work. Christmas was great. The break I took was wonderful but I'm ready to be back!

Kind of random, I know!

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Kimbrel said...

Very nice light analogy, Kristin, now write a sermon!!