Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feeling Down

I'm feeling down about a lot of things right now. At our home we have a dry erase calendar on which I write all the times when I'll be busy at church at night. I write other things as well but this calendar's main purpose to let my husband know when I'm gone so he can plan dinner for himself or plan to go do something or whatever. My color is purple and let me tell you February is covered in purple. It looks like the month from hell! I am right in the middle of a stretch of 12 days in a row in which I will have to be here in this building at least one time. Yuck!
Besides being busy I am getting frustrated with some things. First of all I'm getting frustrated working with college age people. I use to think they were so fun and it was refreshing to see them take an active role in their faith. Lately though, I am noticing some their generational trends. Like not being committed to doing something (i.e. saying they'll be at a meeting to plan some events and then not showing up), or having the attitude that "I might attend this event unless I have something better going on." It's just frustrating. They are so wishy washy and unreliable.
I am futher frustrated with the attitude of this parish towards our youth. I have worked really hard the past two and a half years to get a program going and to get other people in the parish to recognize the importance of the youth of the parish. I meet regularly with a committee and one thing we continually talk about is the need to invite the young people into a more active role in our parish. Because we are a Newman Center we tend to turn towards our University students first. It's hard to bring this idea of inviting the youth when I suggest inviting the youth to help with something and my boss says, "oh, I already invited three other groups of people." Okay then.
And finally, to put a nice cherry on top of it all I am sad that I am not pregnant yet. Its only been six months but I guess I just thought it would happen faster. I'm tired of the waiting and not knowing only to be disappointed. I am ready for a change, I am ready to be a mom. Why isn't God ready yet?
That's all just the ramblings of my inner soul.

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Kimbrel said...

Hang in there, Kristin! As you know, we have ups and downs, highs and lows - and yes, the down side usually seems to hit us all at once. Things will indeed look better. And soon enough, you will be a mom... maybe God's waiting for February to clear up!