Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

Well here we are at another Ash Wednesday. I always have good intentions at the start of Lent but they seem to fall by the way side as time moves on. I never really give something up because quiet frankly I don't think I over use any one particular thing...except for this year. I am giving up facebook. I know that you are suppose to give something up not just for the 40 days but with the intention that this will extend past Lent and improve your spiritual life over all. I am on facebook ALL THE TIME! It's the second thing I check when I get to work after my email. I know, that is wasteful of my work time. I check throughout the day just to see what all my "friends" are doing. This I have come to realize is excessive. I am giving it up cold turkey for Lent with the intent that after Easter I will have more discretion and control of my use of it. I think its a great way to stay in touch with people but I was defiantly over using it. I am also committing time to daily prayer. I have been off again on again with this. I had set aside time at lunch to eat in silence, read scripture, reflect, journal etc. But sometimes I get in the bad habit of saying, "Oh I just need a break." And then I watch stupid television over lunch. Or if I get invited to go out to lunch then I skip it completely. This leads to several days of no mid afternoon structured prayer. So, no more stupid television at lunch and if I have a lunch date I will sacrifice my Good Morning America and do it in the morning. I recognize the importance of prayer in my life and hope to continue this commitment after Lent.
I think sometimes since I work in a church I think, "Oh I'm always connected to God," or "I LIVE Lent." It's not true. I need this time to recommit to my spiritual life probably more than the people I minister to. So here we go! Or as our motto here at my church is for Lent, "Go Deeper!" I'm ready to take the plunge!

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Kimbrel said...

This reminds me of the Steven Curtis Chapman song, Dive. If your haven't heard it - listen to it - you will like it.