Monday, October 26, 2009


I was a little MIA this weekend. In face I didn't turn on the computer once yesterday. I was totally unplugged and it felt good! I had planned a long run for Sunday per my usual routine but when I woke up I just wasn't feeling it. I was a little sore from Saturday's work out and it was dark and gloomy out. I decided to listen to my body and not run. Instead I did my first ever David Farmer Power Yoga podcast. I've never even done Power Yoga and let me tell you, was I surprised! It was HARD and I was sweating! I've never sweated during yoga before. But it was all good! Glad I did it. Later in the day I went to a movie all by myself. I tried to get some of my girlfriends to go but they were all busy. I really wanted to see Julie and Julia and it was playing at our cheap theater. The husband was off hunting so I went. I was a little worried about seeing this movie. When I was reading the infertility blogs a lot of ladies said they saw this and it was about infertility. True Julia Child couldn't have a baby but that wasn't what the film focused on. The best part of the movie, they sell alcohol at the theater. I got a glass of zin and settled in for a great movie. What a splendid day to spend the afternoon! This weekend I also made this mac and cheese/squash recipe from Heather. It was delicious! And some 0 point soup (a la Weight Watchers) both of which I am looking forward to for lunch. Even though it's my day off I was suppose to go in for a meeting at 7pm tonight BUT none of my committee members could make it so I'm off the hook! This is good because I have stuff every night this week! Hope you're having a good Monday!

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Heather said...

Hooray!! In glad you loved the recipe :). Xoxo