Thursday, June 5, 2008

I think I saw Christ but....

So, yesterday as I was leaving the office (early I might add) a little boy, about 9 years old stopped me outside the church. He asked me if I had a dollar he could use to ride the bus. I didn't even think twice but checked my pockets to see if I had any money (which I didn't, never do!). I told him to hang on and I would go back to my office where I was sure I had some loose change. I was had my bike and for a brief moment thought that I should take the bike with me "just in case". The little boy followed me back into the church. He asked me if this was the University. I told him that it was a church and he replied that he hadn't been inside a church for years. I dug through my desk drawer and found a dollar in change. The boy and I walked out together. He offered to push my bike out of the building. I kindly replied that it was okay and, if he could just hold the door that would be great. For some reason in the back of my mind I thought he was out to get my bike. I have no idea where this thought came from! But it really bothered me. We left the building together and he stayed at the bus stop, right by our church. I find it so odd and confusing that I would have no qualms about giving him money but yet still didn't trust him.
Many times a month a person of need will come into our church looking for "the pastor" and ask for money. He and my other boss usually give it them therefore the news spreads that this church gives out money and more people come. Our priest has been robbed before. Myself, and the other women in the office NEVER give out money. I don't even bring my wallet or purse to the office half the time. I really can't make sense of why I felt okay about giving this boy money but then mistrusted his intentions. Needless to say, my bike is being stored inside my office rather than in the vestibule where I can't see it. Was I being a good Christian or not? Was I just taking precautions or did I have no need to fear? It's sad to me that in this day in age you just don't know.

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