Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Don't get dehydrated, spiritualy that is!

Ah yes, so much has seemed to have happened since I last posted. I just got finished viewing a Frontline report done in 1983 about an abortion clinic. Talk about depressing. Glad I didn't watch that on Friday! It was very good but I wish it would have ended with a follow up on the girls who were interviewed.
On to better and happier things. Our high school grad recognition Masses were this Sunday. I hardly knew some of the kids who we recognized. They would have been confirmed and involved in our youth ministry program before I came along. Many of them I had never even seen at church. I guess I could have felt sad about this but I didn't. I'm sure to their parents this was important and they were glad I did this. My hope is that the young people will remember this and perhaps recognize their importance to the Church. This is just an example of how I have recently come to a better understanding of what ministry is. I just have to keep inviting and putting my offers out there with the hope that some how I'll reach someone! I might NEVER see the difference I make but I know that this is all part of God's plan.
I met with my spiritual director yesterday and told her all about my recent conversations with "my boss" She was very pleased at what had transpired. She said I have really grown in the last year that we have been meeting. I feel like it was a long process and I'm sure that it is not even over yet but I too have recognized the growth. One thing I shared with her is that when things are going well I don't tend to pray, it's only when I am in a bad space and feel like I need God more that I am more disciplined in my prayer. She gave me a recommendation of a type of mediation to use, it's up to me to maintain it. We don't what to let our relationship with God get thirsty! So, even though I wanted so badly to watch "stupid tv" while on my lunch break I sat down and read the scripture for the day and the mediation that went along with it. As always, God surprised me. The mediation talked about not being a fake and being honest, yet respectful in our relationships with others , especially when it is challenging. Hmmm... that sounds kind of familiar.
It has seemed so easy to recognize Christ in so many ways these past few days. In the sweet older gentleman who chatted with my at the YMCA this morning, to the troubled faces of the girls I ministered to in jail. Maybe it isn't easy maybe my heart has turned and I am seeking, looking, and being open to God's presence in my everyday life.

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