Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3 Days

Now, considering this is a religious blog one might think that this post will refer to the three days that we waited for Jesus to rise from the dead. This is not the case! In three days my husband and I are taking our first official vacation (we did take a honeymoon but it was instate). We are going to Alaska! Yesterday I had off and kept myself super busy cleaning the house, packing, working out the day just flew! Today has gone SOOOOOO slow! I have literally done NO work as I have sat here at the office for 7 hours! I know bad bad me! There are a few small things I should do before I go but I can't just get myself motivated. I surfed the web a lot! Bad! Bad! Bad! I know!
On work relationship thing did happen though. Around this time of year the University had Freshmen registration. Out Newman Center has a little table over on campus where we sign up students of ALL denominations. We then contact the local churches in town and say, "Hey! Sally Smith is Lutheran and she is coming to the University in the Fall welcome her!" We also get our own folks too! I know my boss was a little peeved when I told him I'd be going on vacation during this time. He said something like, "You'll miss all of them!" Seriously! We've had this vacation (and airline tickets) planned since February and I didn't get the dates of registration until after the fact. The truth is, I'm only missing 4 of the 7. So today I did the responsible thing (I was looking for work to do) and asked him if there was anything he needed me to do for tomorrow. He said no. Then I asked what time I should be there and he said he had it covered. I instantaneous response was to say, "Oh, okay!" I then left his office and felt so cranky! I guess I just assumed I'd be there and he just assumed I wouldn't. I had to leave the office for an eye appointment and kept thinking about it the whole time. I also thought about how I was going to make an effort to be honest about my feelings and if I just let this go it would continue to make me angry. So after my appointment I went back to his office and simply said, "Would you like me to help out at any of the other registrations? You know, since I'll be around for some of them. I don't mind helping." He said sure and we set up some times. He also said I could come hang out tomorrow too if I wanted to.
Sigh! The communication issue is terrible! I just have to be the clarifier I guess. I seriously think that he thought I was going be gone for ALL of the registrations. Oh well. I'm glad I talked to him about it.
Yeah, so that's my story in a nutshell.
Over the weekend I spent a lot of time with high school friends at a bridal shower and bachlorette party. I managed to make to Mass early on Sunday morning. I looked around and thought about how I know so many more people now than I did two years ago when I accepted this job. It's still a work in progress but I am becoming more attached to this parish each day.

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