Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Having a great Lent!

Well, I made it! I think I posted awhile back that if I could make it through February I'd be GOLDEN! Here we are March 3rd and I am happy as can be. My calendar doesn't look as crazy and I am really truly enjoying Lent. So far I have kept up with my Lenten promises except for I missed my daily Lenten reflection yesterday. Opps! It was my day off and I was so into what I was doing I totally forgot. I've peaked on facebook once just to make sure none of my youth ministry kids messaged me (they didn't). So, what have I learned so far? I think that facebook rots your brain! But seriously, I have found my love of knitting again! I picked up a project that I have been chipping away at since November and finished it in one afternoon! I also picked up a blanket that had a HUGE mistake in it that I couldn't find. I patiently ripped out a couple of rows, counted my stitches, looked for the dropped stitch and successfully fixed my mistake! This was after not looking at the thing since Thanksgiving! I EVEN started a NEW project. So, what does all this have to do with Lent. My priest said something this weekend that got me thinking. He said that Lent wasn't about depriving ourselves or causing our selves to suffer in order to grow in our faith. It's a time to rediscover who we are, who God made us to be. I think being on facebook constantly (at work and home) was taking time away from who I am, not to mention spending time with my husband. It's so much better to sit in front of the television half listening to whatever is on while I knit and talk with him then to have us in separate rooms me staring at the computer him at the tv. Not that knitting is HUGE part of who I am but it is something productive that I enjoy! So, I'm well on my way.
In other news, I'm still not pregnant. But, I took the news pretty well this time around. We've just got to keep trying. I know its in God's hands. I think my husband getting his hours cut at work has been GOOD thing! He is much happier, has more time to do stuff, helps out a lot. I think stress might have been a big reason we didn't get pregnant in the past.
Here's a song my friend Kim suggested for Lent. She said it sounded like my previous post! I listened to it and I agree!

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Kimbrel said...

I am SO impressed! How do you post a video like that!? I'd tell you to send me an inbox instruction on Facebook - but you CAN'T! I guess you will have to email me...