Monday, July 6, 2009

12 2WW

Well, here I am in my 12th 2WW. Hard to believe. I had a weird cycle this time around. I think I mentioned the low pre O temps in the previous post. I got a positive OPK on Wednesday AND Thursday AND Friday! I have never had three days of positive OPK's. The funny thing was, my other fertile signs only lined up with the positives I received on Wednesday and Thursday. My temp was very low on Tuesday, went up on Wednesday and then jumped the coverline Thursday. We BDed on Tuesday and Thursday. We were super busy the rest of the weekend so when I got a positive OPK on Friday I kind of freaked out. We literally were home for an hour Friday and then off to a party until 1am...not time for BDed that day. Sat. my DH worked all day... almost 12 hours. Fortunately we were very free on Sunday so that worked in our favor. My computer programed said I O'd on Sat. based on the OPK but then it changed its mind and said I O'd on Thursday based on my fertility signs! Confused? So was I! DH being the wise guy he is theorized that I released two eggs and that's why we got the OPK's for three days. He is certain that we're having twins. Too funny! So AF is suppose to arrive smack dab in the middle of the mission trip I am taking my high school kids on next week...great. At least it won't be hard not to drink during the 2WW! I think it will be tough either way. If AF comes I'll be crabby and suffering from that on the trip, I'll also be really sad since it is our 12th cycle and DH won't be near by to comfort me. If she doesn't come then I'll be dying with anticipation to get home and take a test. This is going to suck either way... actually if the end result is a BFP it won't suck at all. Here's to hoping!


Jessica said...

I have had three positive OPK's in a row too. My RE told me that is normal but the first positive OPK is the one that counts. So based on that, it sounds like you covered your tracks!!

Anonymous said...

omg, you're 12th wait?!? You are a saint! Keepin' my fingers crossed for you! :)