Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still here!

Wow! I wasn't going to post but then I realized I hadn't done so in a week! Things at work are really picking meaning I actually have important things to do! Also my office partner returned from her 2 months off so I can't be surfing the web, reading blogs, or on facebook all the live long day! I'm glad though, the days seemed really long with nothing pressing to do! I'm waiting to O. The signs are there and the TCOYF software estimated tomorrow to be O day but I still got a negative OPK. We'll BD tomorrow and then we're headed out of town Friday night so hopefully we can BD again Sat. and that should be good. We (me) decided that even though we've been trying for a year we are going to wait to see a doctor. My annual exam is in January. If it hasn't happened by then I'll go to an OB rather than the family practitioner I've been seeing most of my life. I really don't want to get into the drugs etc. just yet. Other than that life is good, still a few more weeks before things get REALLY CRAZY at work. I hope that this is lucky cycle number 13!

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