Thursday, April 16, 2009

Great Day!

I am having such a great day! First of all I got up and worked out at 6am and was feel'n pretty skinny! As I was getting ready for work I checked my thermometer and my temp was up, really high which gave me just the slightest bit of hope of a triphasic pattern which usually means pregnancy. I know, I know, its way too early to tell but it was a little bit of a hopeful sign. Then I went looking for some capris pants I was sure I left out of the summer clothes bins. I found them and remembered that at the end of last summer they were feeling a bit snug and when I wore them all day I was uncomfortable. I put them on and they felt pretty good! I also remembered that it wasn't until I got to work and sat at my desk that they became uncomfortable. Well, I've been here for a few hours and they still feel pretty good! I'm not sure what I weighed last summer but I must weigh less now! I also got an email from a student who told me about a very interesting presentation today over at the University so I am going to that later. Also my two evening events for tonight got cancelled so instead of working an 11 hour day I only have a 7 hour day and I get to eat a healthy dinner with my husband! Oh yeah and did I mention that it's going to be 70 degrees today? Awesome!

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