Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Ramblings

Nothing real specific to say or important for that matter. I just happen to have half an hour before I leave work and my office mate (and pretty much everyone else around here) is gone so I thought I'd post.
Easter was good. I went to church a bunch because I wanted to, not because I had to. We had Easter dinner with my parents it was pretty fun. After we got home from their house my mom called me (hello?! We were just at your house for 5 hours!) she wanted to try and get all of us (my brother and his girlfriend and me an my husband) together for my dad's birthday which we missed in March because they were on a cruise. The only day my brother could do it was Wednesday. She asked me if I was busy...ahhh hello? I've worked at this church for 3 years and I've always had Youth Ministry on Wednesday night. Then she asked me if I could get out of it. Ahhhhh NO! I'm the Youth Minister. I was really ticked off, I mean fuming. I stomped around our house muttering myself. Brian said I should just call her and tell her why I was ticked off. I didn't want to that because I don't like confrontation. The reason I was ticked off was my brother, who works a "normal" job with "normal" day time hours didn't get asked to change his plans. Do you know what his plans were? Apartment hunting with the girlfriend. If I would have moved in with Brian before we got married my parents would have killed me! But no, my brother always gets excused. So, I did call her back and told her I was mad that I was being asked to get out of "work" or my "job" and my brother got let off the hook. She said it wasn't true that his girlfriend worked weird hours too. Anyway, I'm not sure why I even wrote all that. I am so over it (I think). Maybe its because I am proud of myself for actually telling someone how I feel. Normally I just keep it bottled up inside. Or maybe its just another example of how demanding this job is (see post from April 9th). The daily meditation my priest sent me today was a good one about how if we try and change the world and people around us and don't work on changing ourselves first we will waste our time. I know I can not change the nature of this job but some how I have to change how I am dealing with it. Maybe its just the end of the year blahs!
In TTC news I am in the dreaded TWW (two week wait). Meaning we did everything we could to try and get pregnant this cycle and now I have to wait until the next cycle begins or doesn't begin. I hate this part. I feel like I've spent half a year WAITING. Don't you think you would just KNOW if you were pregnant? I guess some women do. Then there are those who go full term without even realizing they are pregnant. I just don't get it!

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Shannon said...

Ohhh the 2 WW, how exciting! I will be praying for you!

Im also glad you told your mom how you felt. I think a big part of dealing with and processing frustrations is being open and honest when something bothers us. So Im glad you spoke up!