Monday, January 12, 2009

Blessed in and instant

So, if I am not at church I am usually at the YMCA. Church and the Y that's where I am! I actually work at the Y (I know, like I need more "work") teaching Group Cycling and Zumba. I love the Y! I love its atmosphere and it's values. Everyone is welcome. Well, I had spent a little more time than "normal" this morning. I was scolding myself as I exited the building thinking that I should have hurried it up since I had a lot to do today! As I headed out the door I saw and older gentleman struggling to walk up the snowy, icy, incline that leads to the front entrance. I didn't even think twice about it and went over to see if needed some help. He seemed so grateful and even called me "kid". I don't know if I imagined it but I thinking he was crying out of shear frustration. After I got him safely to the building he thanked me and I went on my way. I felt truly moved and blessed by this moment. I don't even know why. Perhaps it is because in simple moments like this I can truly see Christ and what he is calling me to do. If only all of life's moments would be so clear. I think of the circumstances involved. If I had left the Y earlier I never would have had this encounter. Would someone else have helped this man? I believe that I encountered Christ this morning in the simplest of actions. I must remember these moments when it seems He is hard to find.


Shannon said...

Hi! I wanted to thank you for reading my blog. Also, I love this post. It moves me beyond belief to see small examples of Christ in our every day life. I think that your story is a good example of things (even small things) happening for a reason. Thanks for sharing!

Kimbrel said...

I love how you were scolding yourself and then BAM! I wonder if God ever laughs at us for being too hard on ourselves and not simply allowing ourselves to live - so Christ can live through us.