Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fired Up!

Well, it's at the end of a long Wednesday! I just finished Three hours consisting of Confirmation interviews, Youth Ministry, and then another interview. Normally I'd be packing up my stuff and rushing home to the husband. I thought that since my computer at work was still on I'd stop and post something especially since I am so fired up! This year working with the young people of my parish has been so awesome! My first two years were really tying. I would actually be anxious and nervous about Wednesday nights. I remember visiting the small groups was actually painful because no one was discussing anything. The time went by so slowly. Tonight and the Wednesday two weeks ago when we met were so much different. Every group was having a great conversation. They were all different. Some were more serious then others but I am totally cool with that. Also, last year when I interviewed Confirmation students it was a painful experience. Most of the young people didn't seem to care about the whole process and half of them didn't have a clue on what I was talking about. This time around most of the young people are engaged, interested and dare I say even enthusiastic about the whole process. I truly feel blessed to be in this position. I am glad I stuck it out. I'm sure somewhere down the line I will have another challenging group of young folks to work with but for now I am fired up and loving it!

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Kimbrel said...

That's SOOO awesome! I am actually the oposite of you this year, I have a great Confirmation group but I am struggling feeling excited to work with youth groups anymore. Its a good thing we are working on a DCE so I can focus on solo pastor stuff, cause otherwise this would be a sign its time for me to leave.