Thursday, January 15, 2009


So, I feel like I should write something profound here. Not much to say really. Life is good, quiet. I am enjoying the final weeks of "slowness" until the Campus Ministry portion of my ministry amps up. I've created a little prayer space in my kitchen. I had gotten in the bad habit of eating my lunch in front of the television. I had designated that time as a reflective prayer time. I know that most people would do this in the morning but I just can't give up watching Sam, Robin, Diane, and Christ (Good Morning America) with my cup of coffee! For some reason I felt the need at lunch to come home and watch stupid television. Well! No more! We had this little cart/table thing in our kitchen that we used for our toaster and mainly to throw junk on. I have determined that the toaster is not something we use every day so I moved it. Cleaned off the junk, put a nice place mat, a candle, my bible, journal, and other reflective book on it and now have a place to eat and pray. So far it's worked out pretty good. I feel so lucky to have be able to come home for a nice leisurely lunch. Part of my prayer today talked about how when we pray it is often in petition but really we were made to give praise to God. So today I give praise to God for allowing me to have this slow, relaxed time. Even thought there are times when my ministry consumes me I rejoice in the times when it let's me be! That's all I got!

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