Thursday, January 8, 2009

I KNOW it is worth it!

Last night was the first night of Youth Ministry since before Christmas. It was also the first night that we "require" that our Confirmation Candidates return to Youth Ministry programming in order to keep them connected with each other, the other youth of the parish, and me. Last year was the first time we tried this. I remember feeling so anxious about the whole thing. Last year Confirmation class was a bit of a challenge. I remember painfully roaming the halls and listened to my excellent small group leaders trying to coax any response from these kids.
Last night went so much better! I had four small groups and sat in on four very different conversations about the power of God and miracles.
I am also in the midst of interviewing our Confirmation Candidates. Last year I really enjoyed this (also the first time I had done this). The group I had last year was much more engaging when you talked to them one on one.
Last night after Youth Ministry I had the most wonderful interview with one of our young ladies. She had such a mature attitude about her faith. She also said some things that made me realize that what I do here is so important and is making a difference. I had resigned myself to the fact that I might never see the fruits of my labor. Maybe years down the road a young person might come back and tell me how being involved in Youth Ministry affected them. I felt so blessed and encouraged when this young woman shared about how some of our conversations at Youth Ministry have helped her to grow in her faith. I hope all people who work with youth realize that even if it doesn't seem like it every day or every moment of their ministry they are making a difference at least in someone's life. All I know is I came home with the biggest smile on my face!

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