Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Many things to blog about

Some days I think I should blog but I have nothing to write about. Today I couldn't stop thinking about what I wanted to write about! I guess I am paying more attention to where God is touching my life. To start with it's a beautiful day currently its almost 45 degrees out! To me that is warm! As I walked home for lunch a relished the sound of the water from melting snow running down the sewer drains. It means spring is near!
Another great part of my day was a prospective student visiting the University for a campus tour day just happened to stop by our church with her mom to check it out. Since I was the only Campus Minister around I got to give her a tour and tell her all about us. It's so wonderful so see people's faces light up when I tell them about all we have to offer for our students. I like to think that maybe I played a role in convincing her to attend the University. Finally I got a little distracted today when reading Shannon's Blog. I glanced over at her side bar and began reading other people's blogs about trying to conceive and infertility. Sometimes I get so impatient and worry that we will never get pregnant. When I read about other woman's stories about all the challenges they've faced, all the testing and medications they've had to go through and how they still held on to their faith in God's plan for their life if gives me comfort. We really haven't been trying that long. As far as I can tell I am fairly "normal" in my cycles. I will be patient and wait for God's hand in this. Now I just have to get through Youth Ministry tonight! I think I am going to try and do some serious praying before hand! We 're talking about free will tonight!
Here's something to tug at your heartstrings! Gotta love Allison Krause!

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Shannon said...

Isnt it amazing when you actually think about God working in your life? And also when you think about the effect you can have one someone else's life? I actually remember the person who took me around the college I went to and I'll admit- a big reason I went there was her. She made a huge impact on me.

Following people on their TTC journies, especially women of faith, really puts your life in perspective. I follow blogs of people who have been through so much yet, at the end of the day, they still believe that God has a plan for them. Pretty amazing!

Have a good night!