Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An end and a beginning

Where or where to begin? As I sit here typing I wonder to myself if this will even last. I have started several blogs and websites in the past but have not maintained them for more than a few months. My reasons for starting this blog are many. For one I am amazed at the lack of ministry blogs that I see when I search out there on Google. Oh sure there are plenty of blogs that fall under the category of ministry or religion. Yet I find them to be either too theological or a little bit fluffy. I know one thing for sure, this blog with not be theological. I hope that it will not be too fluffy either. I do identify myself as a Roman Catholic and have and undergraduate degree in religious studies but I am by no means a theologian, I don’t think I ever will be. It is only in this recent year that I have found my spirituality again. This is another reason for writing this blog. As a young high school student I loved to write. I don’t write very often these days. One of my most beloved English teachers once told that to be a writer you must write every day. I also believe that in order to maintain my relationship with God I must pray every day. So this writing will be my prayer, my reflections my thoughts. I also feel as though I am on a journey of self discovery. It is only in recent months that I have come to recognize this. I wish that I had written more and journaled my past journey. I have come so far and don’t really want to relive or rewrite all of it. Finally blogging is the “it” thing these days. I am addicted to reading a couple of blogs daily. Perhaps, this blog will speak to someone else on a similar journey. Or maybe it might serve as a small form of entertainment to others. I guess it is also possible that no one will read this. After all it is just the ramblings of one solitary spiritual soul mostly speaking from the heart. I’m not sure how I feel about putting myself out there like this. We shall see.

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