Thursday, May 22, 2008

Catching Up

Another quiet day here at my office. I was the only one here for a long time…not a good idea. Lots of web surfing and facebooking happened. But seriously, last night’s bowling event was great! It reinforces the belief I have that we must do more social activities in Youth Ministry. I also let the young people use my camera (don’t tell my husband it’s a $500 camera!). They took some really crazy shots. I’ll share some of the better ones they took of me. Because it’s been so slow I’ve gotten a chance to catch up on my reading, of books as well as websites. I found this really great one today One the most inspiration clips I watched was this one. I think I’ll be visiting this daily for a little inspiration! Other than that things are going well. I am anticipating and end of the year review with the priest next week that should provide something interesting to write about. Hopefully I’ll post tomorrow and then we off for the 3 day Memorial Day weekend.
I am looking forward to spending the evening with some friends who are in town to help with Steamboat Season. Had this been a few weeks (I guess even a week) earlier I couldn’t have spent time with them because I had to work. I really struggle with having to sacrifice my freedom like that. You don’t realize how much you have to give up until you get a “break” and think, “Oh I normally have to take students to the Catholic Worker house on Thursdays, and I wouldn’t have been able to go out to dinner spur of the moment.” Again, another reason I long for “normalcy”

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