Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another Day

These past two weeks things have really slowed down around her. I come to work thinking, "What the heck am I going to do today?" Before I know it, it's nearly 4pm. I think I found something to occupy my time with over the summer months. I was checking Frontline again, trying to email the program I watched about teens online to the Director of Youth Ministry and I found a bunch of other documentaries that looked interesting. So far for the summer I have planned, watching Frontline, catching up on my reading, and keeping this blog updated. Oh yeah, and whatever other "work" takes up my time (which is only going to be about 25 hours per week!). So yeah, summer!
Had my meeting with the priest today. It went well. We discussed the good parts of the year and the things which I need to work on, which is mainly me being more confident, less timid, and willing to communicate and stand up for my ideas. This is good since it is something I have recognized myself as an area of improvement. We talked about my relationship with my other bosses and such. I brought up the issue of me starting a family. I don't know I get all worked up about things that haven't happened yet. Of course the priest said we would cross that bridge when we got to it...duh! So yeah. I am ready to take on my third year here at the parish. If all goes as planned this will be the longest I've been at a job my whole adult life! Would I rather be teaching, sure. Will I renew my teaching license, of course. Will I always keep my ears open and eyes peeled for God is calling me next YES! Will I dutifully and enthusiastically do what I am called to do in the here and now, I will! So that's about all I know!
Tonight I'm doing a first ever 8th Pizza party, to get the kids psyched up for next year. Only 6 are coming so far, but I will minister to those six to the best of my ability. This officially ends the Youth Ministry school year! On to Summer!

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