Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am so small

Guess I really don’t know what to say today, seeing as I was such an idiot yesterday. Here I am ranting and raving about how dumb my job is when there is so many things bigger going on. One of our good friend’s sons was in a serious car accident yesterday. He is critical condition. He was driving the car with two other girls, one of which died. Pretty serious stuff. I see on facebook that a couple of my kids know these young people. So, sad. Not sure on the status of our friend. The girl died seemed to be a wonderful person. A life cut short for reasons unknown to us. It really makes us realize not to take life for granted. We are vessels of the Holy Spirit and should live that way, each day. Rather than trudging off to my job I should ask God where it is he needs me today. How will I meet Him in the seemingly boring or unimportant ways? It is then that I will find Him in the bigger picture. My prayers and thoughts are with our friend and the other families of the accident victims. Truly one of life’s mysteries.

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