Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not much good or bad

I know it’s been awhile. I haven’t been inspired lately. Maybe it’s because I haven’t kept up my afternoon prayer time. Instead I’ve been watching TLC while I munch my lunch! I also haven’t felt like I am in that dark hole that I sometimes get into. The impending school year is upon us. The first of August is the end of this week. What does that mean? Well, it means I have to come into the office more than three times a week to work on stuff. I honestly have very little to work on right now, I wouldn’t want to get too far ahead of myself. So, for this week I am slowly accomplishing little things, mostly surfing the web and connecting with folks on facebook. I felt like I accomplished some things last week. I try to keep thoughts of 50 hour weeks far from my mind. I know that even once August does come it won’t be nearly as crazy as it gets further on down the line.
I did have a rather snotty email sent to me today by a parent. There has been a bit of confusion in regards to the Youth Ministry/Confirmation connect. Quiet honestly before I came long Youth Ministry was a joke. The person in my position didn’t leave any record of what was done or who attended the events. I think that the D.R.E. and the priest did all of the Confirmation preparation. Youth Ministry was seen as an optional thing while preparing for Confirmation. I’m trying to change everyone’s perspective. Youth Ministry is an expectation of kids in grades 9-12 (at least kids who aren’t in Catholic Schools would be my hope). When they are in 10th grade they prepare for Confirmation but still attend YM when not preparing. Anyway, this is what she writes:

This is a very different process than has been the precedent in the past. I have two children who have gone through the Newman confirmation program and there was a separate registration as stated on the registration forms for Youth Ministry. This change was not communicated to the parents which has been confusing. I had Ben's registration ready to submit in May, but I did not submit it because I knew that he would be in the confirmation program. If it was stated that confirmation was part of Youth Ministry, I would have submitted his registration. We will be out of town so his registration will be late. I am wondering if other parents are confused also. Thanks,

To be honest there has been some confusion by other parents, I just didn’t think it warranted the snotty response. Yeah, I know it’s different than in the past, get over it! By the way it has been stated that Confirmation Prep. is part of Youth Ministry. This is the crap that I hare dealing with. I’m sure there is stuff like this in all lines of work. They just don’t tell you this when you’re in college!

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