Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's just another day

Another day of nothingness! Cam you believe I was actually excited to have a meeting to go to this morning? At least it was something to do. “The priest” says if I don’t have stuff to do then I should get outta here since we all know what’s coming down the road. I just don’t know if I can take these ups and downs. The thought of August 15th- December 15th causes a dreaded knot to form in my stomach. Hmmm… now that I’m actually counting that is only four months. I wonder if I’ll be 4 months pregnant at that time (that’s “our plan” not necessarily God’s). Anywhoo, I’m just bored. I also feel that if I look down the long road of youth ministry things are not going to change for the better. I have asked parents to sign their children up for youth ministry by August 1st and I have gotten 3 (out of 65) forms back. 3!!! What the heck people. What really torks me off is when people say the Catholic Church doesn’t offer anything for youth. Well I sure as heck am trying. I just don’t know. Leave it in God’s hands; leave it in God’s hands.
In my daily reflection for today the question is raised, “What seeds are you sowing right now?” As I thought about it I felt guilty. Maybe I’m not trying as hard as I could? Or what’s the point? These seeds I’m sowing aren’t growing, or at least I can’t see them. I then read on to realize it’s not what I am doing but how I am doing it. How am I approaching this situation I find myself in? Not very well, but I’m not quite sure how to change.

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