Thursday, July 10, 2008

Let the Spirit Work

I’ve had a little better attitude around the office today. I didn’t get much work done but I didn’t let it bother me either. I had a really long discussion with our music minister who from here on out I’ll refer to as M. She gets frustrated with the dysfunction that is our office (although sometimes I think her personality is one that contributes to it). She reminded me to keep at it, to go with my instincts because they are good. She also said that the Holy Spirit is at work inside all of us if we let it work throughout gifts and talents we will be successful and feel fulfilled. It is true. I must let the Spirit work through me in this situation. I cannot hope for a different situation but focus on what I can do in the here and now. It is challenging. Especially now when not much is going on. But it did give me hope and helped me to look towards the future and get excited about it. Time is running short; soon we will be in full swing. I vow to make at good effort this year to realize that I cannot change the other people in my life but only how I react to them!

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