Thursday, May 28, 2009

Got some time...might as well blog

I guess it's been awhile. After my last post an evening of sulking and a weekend of drinking and eating way to much I came to realize that I wasn't really mad at my boss. Okay, so yeah I was but I was even more mad at myself for not standing up for myself. My husband so kindly pointed this out to me. I need to work on this, I'm just too nice and I end up getting walked all over. Besides that we had a great memorial day weekend. We stayed in town and one my husbands good buddies came home for a visit. He has been in the navy ever since I've been with Brian living in San Diego, Kuwait, and Okinawa. He is finally withing driving distance. My husband is so great. He helped his buddy and his dad out with some chores. Then they both helped my little brother move (they both had trucks and are strong!) I pretty much tagged along and helped open doors and stuff. Then the two were planning on going fishing. I asked if they were okay with having some female company. They said sure but that I had to know that no topic was off limits, meaning they weren't going to watch what they said around me. I was cool with that. I got bored with fishing after awhile and ended up reading my grad school stuff. I really like hanging with the guys. I am the oldest and only have one little brother I didn't have any guy friends until I was in college and since I am 8 years younger than my husband all of his buddies have kind of become like big brothers to me. It's pretty fun. Since I know I'm not pregnant I was able to keep up my beer drinking with my husband's buddy so that was fun! BTW DH's friend is an OBGYN (how many acronyms can one use in a sentence?). We didn't talk about the whole pregnant thing (that would have been weird). Apparently DH has talked with him about it before and he said to give it a year. I guess I'll take his advice. Other than that work has been super slow. I've actually been reading and writing for my grad school program, I don't really feel bad about this since I am "expected" to be here but there really isn't anything to do. That's about it. Pretty boring post!

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