Friday, May 15, 2009

Many Ramblings

Well I made it! This is the day I think I've been looking forward too all year. THE END! Today was the last day of the semester for my students. Now I am FREE for 3 months. Well, not exactly "free" but my load gets a lot lighter now, and I actually feel like a weight has been lifted. We have a lot of plans for the summer what with my grad school, triathlon, and Mission Trip. We are also trying to get on the calendar "mini trips" to visit our friends and family close by. It seems busy but I don't care. My nights should be more free and at least we have plan. When I'm in the midst of things here at work I have to look week by week to see when I'm obligated for things. At least I know when all my obligations for summer are! I am super excited about grad school. According to the Internet my books are waiting on my door step right now. When I was telling Brian my schedule for those four days he says, "Now you WANT to do this right? I can see you not wanting to do it because of the time commitment (most of the classes are all day but some are late afternoon to late evening )." Of course I'll be okay with it because I WANT to do it, I don't HAVE to do it. That makes a huge difference don't you think?
Today when I weighed myself I've been the lowest I've been in March of 2008. I think I've lost 13lbs since September. Not a huge amount but it is making a difference.
In TTC news, I'm 9DPO. I have NO symptoms of PMS or phantom pregnancy symptoms except for a few twinges in my belly...but I've had those before, they feel like I've pulled muscle even though I haven't done any exercise. I also (just today and WARNING TMI) have had sore breasts...but I've had those before. The only weird thing is I've been craving root beer. I actually had some today, real not diet (I never drink regular pop...I rarely drink pop period) and it tasted sooooooo good. I still kind of want some more. I've never been an early tester. I just wait for AF to show up. The only time I tested was when I wasn't charting and it appeared I was a week late but I wasn't. I kind of feel like testing tomorrow just because I know people who have gotten positives at 10DPO AND I have a bunch of cheap tests from the Internet, AND we are going "out" with friends if I new for sure I wasn't pregnant I wouldn't feel bad about not drinking...but I'll probably not drink anyway because I like to play it safe. So that's all from me. Lots of random ramblings.
Next weekend my husband childhood friend is coming "home" he's been the army for as long as I've known him living in San Diego, Okinawa, and Kuwait. He'll finally be with in driving distance living only about 2 1/2 hours away. We think he and his wife are separated (long story) but she is close now too and they are still friends so they might come up too. Can't wait to see them. Our other friends from Alaska and Colorado will be here after that so it will be nice to see them and a great way to kick off the summer! I can't wait! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we got to share the news that we're pregnant too!!!


Shannon said...

Im glad you will have a lighter scheduled for the next 3 months, thats great!

And a rootbeer craving? Hmm, I dont know but it could be promising!! Praying for you!

Jessica said...

Yay for summer!! I hope this is your month, can't wait to hear the news.