Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Still waiting..WARNING this post might contatin TMI!

Well, still no temp drop and no AF. I have had what I think I are cramps all day. They kind of feel like AF cramps but it also feels like if I went to the bathroom (I mean #2 here) I'd feel better and I haven't gone and don't really feel like it so I guess that means I'm constipated? (See I told you TMI). Of course I've been running to the bathroom checking for AF constantly! Other than that nothing. No headaches (classic PMS symptom for me) not tired, or crabby. I am 13DPO and my longest LP has been 14 so if AF doesn't show up by tomorrow I might test again Thursday.
On another note this past weekend we met up with some friends for a cruise on the river. It was super fun! I was a little worried because I knew I wouldn't be drinking and people might bug me or I might feel left out. I was also worried because one of girl friends who just found out she is pregnant (2months) was coming and I didn't want to feel sad about her talking about being pregnant. She is the girlfriend who got pregnant with her first child on the FIRST TRY! She lent me the book Taking Charge of You Fertility and assured me I'd be pregnant in no time. She has something wrong with her uterus so her last pregnancy and this one were considered high risk. She already had an ultrasound and all these tests. It was actually really good to see her and chat about pregnancy and other things with her. She is a really great person and I have such a good time when I'm with her it makes me wonder why we don't do it more often! It was also nice to be with someone who wasn't drinking because everyone else was...a lot! Anyway I just checked my email and she sent one saying she lost the baby yesterday. I was so sad for her, I almost felt like crying. I've had friends lose babies before but I never felt that sad. I guess when you are TTC it just puts a different spin on things. I don't even know what it's like to lose a baby but I know what it feels like to hope and dream for only a short amount of time only to have it taken away. I'll definitely be praying for her. As for me I pray these rumbles in my tummy are just someone trying to make a home for 9 months! And until then I guess I'll be wearing dark colored pants!

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