Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Well, we are in the midst of finals week. During finals week we keep our building open for our students so that they have a quiet place to study. We also provide snacks and coffee. Because of this someone needs to be in the building until all the students have left. This is the third year I've done this and the 6th finals week I've been through. The first year I was here students stayed until 2am! I've already done one of my "late shifts" on Sunday night and it was only until midnight. It really isn't that bad. I bring my knitting and usually borrow movies from the library and watch them on my laptop. The worst part is being away from my husband, and trying to resist all the snacks and goodies! Last Sunday I was successful in resisting the food! The problem is once I do leave to go home I'm so wound up that it takes me awhile to fall asleep and I don't sleep well. Yesterday I had the whole day off so I was able to sleep until 8am but I was still really tired. I went to bed before 9pm and woke up today at 5:30am to workout. I am still really tired right now which is not good since I have another late shift tonight, youth ministry tomorrow night AND the late shift. But after that my calendar is looking a lot more FREE! To be honest, last year at this time I was thinking I would have a new baby at home or would be very pregnant and not have to do the late shift! I don't know when it will start but in the past summers I've only worked in the office 3 days a week so that will be nice. I'm kind of hoping I'm still tired because I pregnant but its a little early to start with the "phantom" symptoms. I almost half way through the 2ww. I'm already looking at my calendar saying, "If I am pregnant I'll be this many weeks for this party, and this many weeks for this trip." Psycho, I know! But as I've learned it's what we go through. I hope to not have any more "phantom" symptoms!


Shannon said...

Yeah, I think its so easy to do the whole "If I am pregnant by this time thing" mostly because TTC is such a big part of your life.

Im praying for you this 2ww and always!

Jessica said...

I do the same thing!! Every cycle I count the weeks to see how far along I will be for certain upcoming events. I hope it happens for you soon!!