Thursday, June 11, 2009

I need friends

So, after a lot of thought I decided what my problem... I need more cool friends in my immediate circle. Don't get me wrong I have AWESOME friends BUT many of them live out of town. The ones I do have that live town seem to be very busy (as am I) AND they all have kids soooooo you know what the conversation usually revolves around. For a long time I thought that I really missed teaching. When I got together with my friends to bike the other day I realized something. I do miss teaching but what I really miss is working with people that I get along with at work and outside of work. The folks I went biking with were colleagues of mine about 3 years ago. They are all in their 50's (much like my currant coworkers) but they are so much more social and treat me with respect. I remember the first day I met Dan (he's the guidance counselor). He came into my classroom to meet me. He asked me if I biked and I said yes. "Oh good!" he said. "Meet we'll meet up with Jackie (the PhyEd teacher) at one and ride. And we did. We also went across the street to the Mexican place for beer and food after work. It wasn't like we did a ton of stuff together or had a really deep meaningful friendship but we were social. Right now I work, a lot. When I come home I don't want to be social, I want to be with my husband. I am going to try and make more of an effort to be more social. I know that it is not possible with my coworkers. Our older neighbors are moving and a younger couple (without kids) is moving in. I am really going to try and meet them and get to know them.
In TTC news I'm about half way through the 2ww. No thoughts or "symptoms" to give me a clue. I'm a little worried because on Sunday I am doing a Triathlon. I have trained and feel I can do it but if I am pg will that hurt the baby? Will it cause me to lose a baby I don't even know is there? I'll only be 9dpo so its not like I can test... What do you think? The Triathlon is a sprint distance. I'll swim 1/4 of a mile, bike 17, and run 3. Should take me about an hour and 50 minutes. This is just something I really wanted to do before I got pregnant. I couldn't do it last year because of schedule conflicts and since I didn't have a baby yet I figured I'd give it shot.


Jessica said...

Some of my best friends are my neighbors...I definitely think you should befriend them.
As far as the triathlon, my RE told me that I could still do strenuous workouts and it wouldn't hurt if I was pregnant.
Good luck at the triathlon!!

Lindsay said...

You'll be fine! Go ahead and do it!

As for the friend thing, what I have found is everyone wants to do stuff but no one ever wants to plan it. So maybe try to plan something for some friends once in a while. Usually if you call and say "want to go out to XYZ resturant" on friday night at 7pm?" people are more inclined to commit and actually come. Where as, if you say, "let's do something this weekend" everyone says "yeah good idea", and nothing every happens. Does that make sense?