Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

1. I've been at work for 3 hours now and have yet to do any work

2. There really isn't that much work to be done

3. Yesterday for work I promoted our organization at Freshmen Registration on the state university campus

4. Freshmen registration is an interesting study of human behavior

5. It is also an interesting study in currant fashion trends

6. My favorite part of the day was when the parents and their kids were separated. The parents were suppose to go to a talk while the kids registered for classes. A parent approached my booth which was located outside the auditorium where the parents were and said, "I didn't go to the parent presentation, am I missing anything?" my reply was "I have no idea. I didn't go to the presentation either."

7. When there are no parents or kids around I am still expected to sit at our booth. During this time I either knit or read. Yay for getting paid for leisure activities at work.

8. The only bad part was I couldn't figure out how to log on to the University's wireless network so I couldn't surf the web

9. My new office windows face a busy street and across from the street is the University. I love to watch people running, biking, walking etc. but I don't like when they look in at me in my office.

10. Today I closed my shades because it is very hot! Even though the AC is on it just feels cooler with the shades closed.

11. When they renovated our building they took the thermostat for the secretary's office out. Now she doesn't have AC in her office. I feel kind of bad

12. When I'm at work I waste my time on facebook, twitter, reading blogs, and catching up on celebrity gossip.

13. I really should get to work!

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