Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trying to be hopeful even though...

my temp dropped from the Triphasic level...but not below the cover line...yet. Of course when I entered in my temp on the computer this morning that hopeful "triphasic" disappeared from yesterday's entry. I WILL NOT give up hope until AF comes, which is suppose to be tomorrow. Sometimes my temp drops before she comes but not always. I have had some pretty bad cramping lately and some weird CM this morning but that's it. I don't know what to think about it. I had cramping before AF last month but never CM before AF. I also don't have any PMS or pregnancy symptoms. Usually I get really tired crabby and emotional and get a really bad headache. But I have nothing. I'm still trying to be hopeful, oh the mind games we play!
The water park was really fun yesterday even though the weather wasn't the greatest. Of course every time I went flying around a corner on a water slide I thought, "I hope if I am pregnant I'm not hurting anything!" My mom didn't wanted to go on any of the REALLY scary slides. She offered to pay for an upgrade ticket so I could go on the roller coasters (she said she didn't want to go) but I declined. The good news is if AF does come I start grad school tomorrow and will be pretty busy so hopefully that will keep my mind off things. I'll keep you posted!

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Lindsay said...

I hope AF stays away!! What type of grad school? Are you still going to be working while you do school?

Also, I LOL'd at "I keep having the, but if I am pregnant it's okay to eat...fries, pizza, cinnamon rolls." I totally do this all the time!! (Which is how these extra 15lbs got on! I would be like, oh well if I don't get my BFP I'll start dieting next cycle, clearly I that never happened. hehe!