Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Babies and kids galore!

So, as I've mentioned before a bunch of DH's friends who live out of state are in town this week and weekend with their families. Last night his buddy from Colorado, his wife, and their three girls stopped by. I know DH had told me that this couple had trouble conceiving and even miscarried a couple times and now they have 3 little girls ages 3, almost 2, and 3 months. We had never met the littlest one and she was so cute! It was so fun to have them in our house, our yellow lab went crazy over them! This weekend we're getting together with the whole gang. EVERYONE has multiple kids. There will 12 kids ranging from age 12 to 3 months. Man do I love kids! I think this might be tough. Not to mention I'm sure will get the question about when we are going to have kids. I'm pretty sure most of them know we were "planning" on having kids after we went to Alaska which was almost a year ago so maybe the suspect we're having troubles. I am expecting to O between now and Friday. DH and I bd'd last night. I won't go into details but let's just say it did not go well. DH hates all the pressure during this time. I think it made it worse that he had just seen me laughing and cuddling and cooing over the little ones. I kind of feel crumby and hopeless about the whole thing today. I feel bad for making him feel bad. I feel bad that our intimate time just isn't as fun since trying to conceive. And I feel bad that it didn't go well because it could have been a chance we missed. Not to mention I didn't go to sleep until 11pm and got up at 5:30am to workout! I am super tired. Sigh!

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Jessica said...

You are not alone..DH and I have had times that "it" didn't go well. TTC really has a way of cramping our sex lives. Hang in there.