Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why I feel like I'm on vacation

Today I felt like I was on vacation even though I haven't gone anywhere and I'm at work. Why is this you ask? I think it has to do with the change in "routine" and the lack of work, not to mention all of Brian's friends in town. Monday night as I mentioned his friends came over, Tuesday night we "crashed" a birthday party at his other friend's parent's house. Last night we went to a baseball game and enjoyed some adult beverages. We've been staying up really late and I have still been getting up at 5:30am for my morning workout. Today after my strength workout I headed downtown to meet Brian and his friend for breakfast and bloody Mary's. It was the perfect morning. Cool but with sunny skies and the anticipation of a beautiful day. I thought to myself as I walked through our quaint downtown, "Who goes out to breakfast on a Thursday morning? Furthermore, who drinks on a Thursday morning at 7:30am before going to work?" This is why I feel like I'm on vacation. I don't really feel guilty about having "a drink" before work. I kind of feel guilty since I possibly ovulated yesterday or today. I'll back off from now on. Just think (hope) that could have been my last drink for a looooooooong time! Tonight and tomorrow night we don't have plans...yet. It's just nice to not be so tied down to my work. No way could I have done all this during the school year. Sigh! Such is life.

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