Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm calling this cycle a wash!

Don't worry I haven't lost total hope, not until AF arrives will I ever lose total hope. I just think there are too many factors that lead me to believe there is no way we conceived this cycle. We BDed on CD 12 and 14. I got a positive OPK on Thursday (CD 16). We BDed that night. On Friday I didn't have time to take an OPK at my normal time because we had to leave for our friend's party (about 2 hours away) so I didn't take one at all. On Friday I also drank WAY too much as I mentioned in the previous post. Based on OPK my fertility software said I O'd on Friday. I don't know what the affects of alcohol are during ovulation but they can't be good. I didn't temp. Sat. morning because I had no idea what time I woke up (pretty sure it wasn't my normal 5:30am) and I was certain the alcohol from the night before would affect my temp anyway. We had "planned" on trying to BD Sat. night when we got home but we were both too tired/hungover. I continued to temp and chart my other signs and today my fertility software said I O'd on Sat. Great! We didn't BD even close to that day! Based on other fertility signs I would say I O'd late Thursday or early Friday but like I said I drank way too much. Let's just say I won't be surprised if AF comes some time late next week.
I told DH that I thought we should chart one more cycle since I'll O in August and if we still haven't conceived to take a break from charting during the fall/hunting. Last year he was totally stressed out during his favorite time of the year because I kept demanding he come home and we BD! Plus my work really amps up during that time. I'm also getting really sick of charting. Based on what I've seen I am sure I ovulate regularly between CD 14 and 16. I think I'll chart again in December and then make an annual appointment with an OB versus my family doctor in January. That is if we haven't conceived by then. That will be 17 cycles of trying...wow! I don't know how I feel about fertility treatments yet but I guess I don't have to think about that for awhile. As my boss says, "Don't get caught up in the details yet!"
So that's it me for now. I simply can not read or write blogs at work any more. The woman I share an office with is in there ALL THE TIME (she has a two month break in the summer)! She even eats her lunch in front of her computer...annoying. I mean, take a break already!


Lindsay said...

Don't give up hope! Seriously, the amount of people who get KU and are drunk the night of conception or after is probably off the charts! I wouldn't worry about it at all!

I think you should definitely stop charting. I charted for about 8 cycles and then stopped b/c i wasn't sleeping well by charting. You have normal cycles so just have sex ever other day btw CD11-18 and I think you are TOTALLY covered. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Jessica said...

I think you should take a break from charting too! I did and it has been wonderful and less stressful. The constant reminder (taking temp) is gone and I love it!!