Friday, August 28, 2009

One Last Fling!

I took some great photos this morning while I was out for a run but I just don't have time to post them. The hubby and I are headed to Door County to camp for one last weekend fling before my job gets crazy on the weekends and he get obsessed with hunting. We've had a great summer and I actually felt like I (we) accomplished a lot and did a lot of the things we wanted to do. We traveled and saw people we love to spend time with. Couldn't have done that with an infant in tow! I'm actually NOT dreading the start of school, I'm prepared mentally and physically.
In TTC news got a positive OPK yesterday and the day before. Having fertile CM since Sunday (not today yet) but no temp rise! Everyone makes charting sound so easy but my signs just don't line up! We BDed last night and Tuesday, and hopefully it will rain and we'll be "trapped" in our tent this weekend ;). If we don't get pregnant this cycle it will be nice to take a break from charting.
I'm working on getting healthier. I have an eating plan for this weekend. Even though we won't have the healthiest options camping when we go out to eat I'm determined to make smart choices and not over stuff myself. I'm almost completely off my coffee addiction in the morning and will continue to keep up my exercise.
I'll make sure to do the running post soon! Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

The recipe yesterday looks sooo yummy!

Yay for the positive OPK! Have fun bd'ing and camping! I love to camp, I hope ya'll have a great time!