Friday, August 7, 2009

Perspective on TTC after one year

Almost a year ago (August 12th 2008) I started my first cycle where we were actually going to try and conceive. I guess that's why even though I'm on cycle 13 I still only consider us trying for one year. In my naive mind I thought it would "work" on the first or maybe second try. If that would have been the case we would have an infant right now. Sometimes it's hard to think about that especially when I see people with infants. Many of the ladies I started following on in the trying to conceive first child board are posting pics and stories of their new little ones. Surprisingly thought I am not feeling down about this. I am happy with "our plan" in the world of TTC and know that what ever does happen will be in God's plan. We have had a WONDERFUL summer. I did a triathlon, I took kids on a mission trip, I started grad school, we've done little mini trips all over the Midwest, we've partied like rock stars, and there is even more fun to come all which would have been very hard or not happened at all if we had a baby. I'm looking ahead to this school year with an open mind. I am trying not to think about, "but what if I'm pregnant?" during this event or that event. Because of this journey I've found out so much about trying to conceive and "met" so many wonderful people and shared their stories through their blogs. I've learned more about natural eating and have tried many new food ideas because of it. When I started this blog it was to talk about my challenges working in ministry. Rarely do I post about such things now. I'm not sure if I will change blogs or start a new one or just keep rambling from my soul! Thanks to all of you who actually do read this. I am inspired and entertained by your stories and hope mine can do that same. Have a great weekend everyone! I'm out of here!


Anonymous said...

I hope you've had a great weekend, too! I'm so glad you are sharing your story and your struggle, I appreciate it so much!

Lindsay said...

I would keep ramblings from one spiritual soul becuase your faith plays such a large role in how you approach TTC. I've always thought the title was so fitting!