Friday, August 21, 2009

So many little time

So, I've been getting a little blog obsessed these days. I started this blog over a year a go to write about my challenges working in ministry. At that time we were just starting to try and conceive our first child. Little did I know that over a year later we would still be trying! Some how during that time I stumbled across a few IF blogs. I think I just searched IF blogs one day and WHAM! I hit a ton of them! I don't even have half of the ones I read on my blog roll! These blogs give me comfort and even though many of them have turned into pregnancy blogs or even new baby blogs I still enjoy reading them. A few weeks ago I did a google search for "raw granola bars" I have no idea why I chose "raw" I don't eat "raw" I don't think I ever will but for some reason that's what I searched. The first hit I got was Angela's blog Oh She Glows. Let's just say I LOVE this blog and have become a little obsessed! She writes three times a day and is a really good writer. There's no way I could become vegan like her but a lot of her recipes are awesome and easy. She's also into green smoothies, which she calls "Green Monsters" which I started drinking even before I found her blog. She always has great pictures and other great tips. She also is on Twitter. Now, I haven't gotten into twitter much but the priest I work for says he is going to start Tweeting in order to reach more of our college students. This is amazing to me since the man doesn't even own a cell phone and just got voicemail at the office last spring! So I decided to start tweeting and even though no one is following me I started following a lot of Angela. She tweets a lot and because of that I've discovered other healthy eating blogs like Jenna a Eat Live Run It just keeps going an going! Not to mention I'm already hooked on Facebook but mainly to keep up with my RL friends and relatives who live far a way. It is very distracting at work too! These two blogs (as well as others) have inspired me to to do more with this blog. I believe these women make money with their blogs because they are read by so many people and they are good. I really think I could do this too! I have always loved writing and even took a few writing classes. Unfortunately I do not have good grammar and make frequent spelling errors even with spell check. I also don't have a lot of time. I just looked at my work schedule for next month and it looks like for the first two weeks in September I'll be putting in 45-48hours a week, that includes the weekends, and lots of nights! I don't feel right updating all the time from work (even though I do) and can't see how I could upload more photos and spend more time on the blog without my coworker noticing. Just some ideas I've been musing with. Who would have thought that blogs would take on such a huge roll in our society. Many of the conversations I have with my husband start with, "Today I read on this blog..." He doesn't get it! He's not a computer guy! Stay tuned we'll see what I decide!

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Lindsay said...

My DH doesn't get it at all either. I am a total blogaholic. Thanks for sharing some new ones with me!