Thursday, September 3, 2009

A beautiful (foggy) morning run!

Here are the pictures I promised from my run last week. This is one of my favorite routes that takes me from my home, through our downtown, along the river, through the woods, and much more! It's roughly 5miles! Hope you enjoy!

The view from my back door as I head out for my warm up!

Me! Almost done with my 5 minute warm up!

Lucky me! I get to run right by my work!

Heading into downtown. You can just barely make out the Cathedral

A view of the historic downtown

The Might Mississippi looking south

The La Crosse River. Is it getting sunny out??

Wooded portion of the trail

Foggy marsh trail

Me! Still smiling after 5 miles!

Me! Post run and shower enjoying a green smoothie!

And I'm going to do it all again tomorrow!!

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