Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CD # ??

So the house guest from hell is here. No seriously I'm not really that ticked. I weighted in this morning and was down 0.2lbs which is better than nothing. I'm going to stick with it so I can see a bigger loss next week! I did send an email to all my friends telling them about our IF. Many of then don't have kids, have never tried to have kids, and some I don't think every will. I asked them to please stop asking us if we're pregnant or when we don't answer our phone say on voicemail..."You must be trying to make a baby!" SO ANNOYING (actually only one friend did this)! I did have lovely lunch with a friend yesterday. She told me another one of our friends is planning on losing 10lbs and then trying for baby #3!! So I'm not charting any more. I'm debating if I want to continue to ready TTC and baby blogs. I just kind of don't want to think about it any might be a hard addiction to give up though. We'll see. If nature doesn't take it's course by January then we will see a doctor. So I guess I have 3 1/2 months to get down to a healthy weight...I don't want them to say, "You're not pregnant cuz your fat!" That would be awful! Today's a busy day with Youth Ministry and all...I'm about to head to Yoga for my lunch break. I guess for the next couple months this blog will be more of a healthy lifestyle blog with some faith too! Hope you keep reading!!

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Anonymous said...

If you need some time off from the blogs, you should do that! You are doing all the right things to get yourself healthy and ready at the right time. In the meantime, you are definitely keeping yourself busy! I wish I had your dedication to losing some weight!