Thursday, September 17, 2009


Whew! This week is kicking my butt! Is it Friday yet?? I feel really proud of myself! I stuck to my plan last night. I only ate 1 piece of lasagna and lots of salad with light dressing. I passed on the garlic bread and the home made brownies. I drank lots of water. At Youth Ministry the kid who was suppose to bring a snack forgot so I ran out and got some apples and cookies. I was feeling a little hungry, had planed (even wrote it down!) to eat an apple earlier but didn't so I had one. Then I came home (still hungry) and had a peach with cool whip and a touch of chocolate sauce on top. I counted all my points and felt really good about what I ate. My reward...168.8 on the scale this morning! (yes I do scale hop usually once a day in morning). Challenge 1 done! Winner Kristin! Okay so I'm just a little too excited about this! In a bit I'm headed to the soup kitchen to share a meal with the folks there. I'm sticking to my same plan!
I was kind of feel crabby and yucky about work this morning but I don't really want to rehash it as I'm feeling better now! I'm super excited to go out with my friend tomorrow. We decided to go to this place and eat in the tavern. It's pretty much the most expensive place in town but the tavern is pretty reasonable. I can't wait! Saturday I get to sleep in! I was thinking about setting an alarm and signing up for a class at the Y but then I thought, no! I'm just going to wake up when I go and see what time it is and then decide what my work out is. Today I went to group strength and I'm already feeling the ab work we did. Tomorrow I have a 40minute run planned.
The other day when I went shopping I bought these and these from Old Navy. They were even cheaper in the store and I LOVE them! Go check them out if you get a chance! Once I get into that good healthy phase I stay there...I hope!

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