Monday, September 14, 2009

Day Off!

Well, after a crazy busy weekend I had my first day off in two weeks! And what did I do? I deep cleaned my house! The house hasn't been properly clean in a long time and had not been seriously cleaned in FOREVER! I moved furniture, got out the pledge (instead of just the swifter) and got down on my hands an knees to scrub the base of the toilet! I also did a TON of laundry! Phew! Don't worry I had some fun too! I headed to the mall this afternoon and got some cute yoga clothes on clearance at Old Navy. I also got some cute tops at J.C. Penny's and some clothes for Brian too. Almost everything was on clearance and nothing cost more then $10. Except for the $30 coffee pot that was originally $50. I also enjoyed a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Everyone has been raving about them in the blog sphere. I got mine iced since it was 80 degrees here today. That was a huge mistake! I think you get hosed on the amount of coffee you get because of the ice. I had mine gone in a couple of sips! I hope it cools down and I can get a hot one soon....they are a little pricey but I deserved a treat! Don't worry I got decaf. I haven't had any (or very small amounts) of caffeine for almost a month! Can't say the same about alcohol. Once AF showed up all bets were off! I've been enjoying the wine we bought from Door County quiet regularly! This week should be a little less busy then last. I hope to spend time with a good friend Friday night. I sent an email to all my girlfriends last week about our TTC journey. I asked them to please not ask us any's just gotten too hard (annoying!) One of my friends responded that she would love to get together and talk about anything...not necessarily babies. She lost two babies in the last year. I admitted to her that I skipped the last "girls night" because I just couldn't handle hearing about babies and kids. She said she guessed that's why I wasn't there. I hope it works out that we can get together for dinner or a glass of wine. I guess that's all for now!

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Lindsay said...

I hope your email will stop all the comments from your friends. I am sure they are well intentioned but it gets hard to hear.