Friday, September 18, 2009

Go'n Good!

Hello! Happy Friday! Yes! We finally made it to Friday! Too bad I have to work both Sat. and Sun.! Oh well! I'll enjoy the fun times when I can. I started out having a great. I let myself sleep in until 6:00am (wow I know!) and decided to run with the dog so I wouldn't have to walk her later. I enjoyed a nice green smoothie too! When I got to work I noticed a call on my cell phone from my mom. Last night she and my dad were leaving Hawaii to come home. I guess it was late afternoon there and evening here. So when she called this morning they were in Houston getting ready to fly back to the Midwest. I called her back and she said my dad was really sick with flu like symptoms. With all this H1N1 business going on that's kind of scary. Not to mention my dad is in pretty poor health anyway. He has extreme heart problems and is over weight. They kept calling and telling me all the activity they were doing in Hawaii and I found it hard to believe, he's so bad he can barely walk a few feet with out stopping to catch his breath. My mom seemed really upset so I'm pretty sure something else is going on. She's also really tired as it's 2am her time. So I'm a little worried about them and hope they get home okay. They are scheduled to land in Minneapolis is about an hour (I'm tracking their flight). Other than that my work day has been a blast! I went shopping and prepared bread with a student for a brunch we're hosting on Sunday. Now I'm just surfing the net and later I get to do Nia. I'm part of focus group who is trying to decide if this is something we want to offer at our church. I can't wait to go out with my girlfriend tonight but I'm a little bummed because some other friends are stopping in town on their way to Milwaukee and I might not get to see them. I hope tomorrow to have some time to myself and so the stuff I want to do before heading to church. Have good Friday everyone!

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Anonymous said...

You are doing great at the weight loss! I just wanted to tell you congrats on that!

I hope your weekend went great and all is well with your folks. Let us know how they are.