Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chipping away

Well, I weighed in this morning only down 0.4lbs. At least I'm down. I thought perhaps that part of the reason I wasn't down more last week was AF bloat, guess not. I think alcohol plays a huge role in weight loss. Even though I can fit wine and beer into my eating plan I think it messes with the metabolism. I just find it easier to lose weight doing the 2WW when I'm not drinking. This week is poses with food challenges. I'm going to lay out right here and now of accountability.
Today (Wednesday) Student Supper:
I have already eaten pretty healthy for today. I work 12 hours on Wed. so the only exercise I got this morning was a 30 minute walk and 50 minutes of yoga at lunch. This is some what good because I'm not starving. So here is my plan: LOOK FOR and STICK WITH CLEAN FOODS. I know enough about clean eating to know what is good for me. If there is bread I'm just going to have to stay away. Usually someone brings delicious desserts. I know that for tonight I'm just going to have to stay away. Those are "red light" foods for me that trigger more over eating. I just can't fit them in today. I'm going to fill up on veggies and fruit (if there is any) and take a small portion of the main course.

Thursday: Dinner at soup kitchen, meeting up with friends for drinks (?) and more food
My plan for eating dinner at the kitchen is the same as before. It's just a meal, not a special occasion I just need to nourish my body, not celebrate with food. The second part is a little tricky. Our friend is serving Alaskan Halibut...very hard to get unless you go toe Alaska. I thought he was deep frying it in which case I would not eat it but I think my hubby is going to prepare it the way he always does. I think I'll have one drink (probably light beer) and a taste of fish. I know the mom of the house will have dessert....again I think I'll have to say no. Social situations are the hardest for me! I feel like I have to drink or the family will think I'm pregnant (sigh).

Friday: meeting a girl friend for drinks and dinner. This is MY FUN NIGHT! I'm going to use most of my calories for this night. I just want to enjoy. Not to mention I'll go on a long run in the morning

Sat.: Wedding reception. Fortunately we are just going to the dance so I can eat healthy at home and only have one drink at the party.

That about sums it up. I just have to remind myself that these are meals to nourish my body. How do I want to take care of myself? I just wish it didn't taste so darn good!

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